OASIS Men's shirt, short sleeve shirt, Cotton100% MWSF-6848, brown, black gray, gray, navy blue, blue, silver

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Casual short sleeve shirt put on vacation With 100% cotton fabric, it's comfortable to wear. Suitable for gentlemen who want a regular straight shirt. Choose to match with shorts. It looks chill on vacation as well.

- normal shape

- Made from 100% cotton.

- collar

- short sleeve

- Closes with a front slit button.

- no lining

  Bust shoulder width x sleeve length x length (inches)

S ( 39" x 16" x 9" x 28")

M ( 41" x 17" x 9" x 28")

L ( 43" x 18" x 10" x 29")

XL (45" x 19" x 12" x 30")

XXL (47" × 19" x 12.5 x 30.5")

**NOTE** Photos are from actual products. The color of the product may be darker or lighter from the real thing. 1-2 steps are caused by the light of the computer screen or each mobile phone. Product size specified +/- not more than 1-2 inches. To be sure of the product, you can inform the shop to ask for a photo of the true color. and measure the actual size for accuracy before ordering**