OASIS Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Men Cotton Spandex MPSV-1703 Black , Black Gray , Pink , Navy Blue , Green , White

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simple polo shirt But cool and modern from the brand OASIS that will make you look attractive every time you wear it. Matching with your favorite sneakers will give you a unique look.

- normal shape

- 96% cotton, 4% spandex

- Polo collar

- Partially buttoned on the front

- slit on the side

- wear

- no lining

**NOTE** Photos are from actual products. The color of the product may be darker or lighter from the real thing. 1-2 steps are caused by the light of the computer screen or each mobile phone. Product size specified +/- not more than 1-2 inches. To be sure of the product, you can inform the shop to ask for a photo of the true color. and measure the actual size for accuracy before ordering**

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