OASIS Chino Long Pants Men's Trousers Model MCHT-6060-4 Black , Black Gray , Dark Gray , Navy

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Dress to look good with all the elements with beautiful designed chino pants from the brand OASIS.

Dress up naturally cool with simple plain color chino pants. Crafted from high quality cotton, comfortable to wear in a normal, comfortable pattern. Pairing it with a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of leather shoes easily completes a handsome, eye-catching look.

- normal shape

- Made from 100% cotton

- Regular high waist

- Button and zip front closure

- 4 pocket design

- 6 belt loops

- no lining

Size : waist circumference x hip circumference x length (inches)

Size30 (30" x 38" x 41")

Size32 (32" x 40" x 42")

Size34 (34" x 42" x 42")

Size36 (36" x 44" x 43")

**NOTE** Photos are from actual products. The color of the product may be darker or lighter from the real thing. 1-2 steps are caused by the light of the computer screen or each mobile phone. Product size specified +/- not more than 1-2 inches. To be sure of the product, you can inform the store to ask for a photo of the true color. and measure the actual size for accuracy before ordering**

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