OTee Women's T-shirt Customize Supersoff fabric, model OTTO-0222, green, off-white

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Oversized shirt. Screen "must survive". Survive every situation. It is a fashion t-shirt with round neckline, OTee, minimal style, made from quality Supersoff fabric. Soft texture, available in 2 colors, is another cool item like no other. Because this style of shirt, when paired with anything, they all go together well.can match a new look Try pairing it with cool shorts or jeans before finishing off with a great pair of sneakers. Got a young fashion guy, well dressed, took the score out of ten. Or even women who like to wear large shirts can wear them as well.

- Made from quality Supersoff, soft to the touch while wearing.

- before delivery The brand has inspected every product. in order to provide customers with the best quality products

Shirt size : bust x length x shoulder width x sleeve length (inches) Oversize

M : 40 X 27 X 19.5 X 10

L : 42 X 28 X 20.5 X 10.5

XL : 44 X 29 X 21.5 X 11

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