OASIS hygienic mask, fabric mask, Nano fabric, water reflective, size L, 3D shape, dustproof, washable, white and black (1 pack/1pc)

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Hygienic mask, Nano fabric, 3D shape, special sewn in 2 layers and has water-reflecting properties. It also protects against water droplets that may have germs and dust and air pollution as well. And the ear strap is made of good quality elastic, it definitely doesn't hurt your ears.

- Black, clean, safe

- Contoured fit, comfortable and easy to breathe.

- Can be washed and reused

- 1 pack contains 1 piece

♻️ new innovations

 "Washable, can be used all the time" durable for a lifetime

✅ Lightweight, easy to carry

✅ SIZE: adult, height 13.5, width 24 cm

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