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Basic Cotton "OTee fashion round neck T-shirt" minimalist style

Made from quality cotton fabric soft texture Can be worn for a variety of occasions Beautiful colors give soft, earth tone style. Available in 10 colors, Basic T-shirt.

Classified as a popular item, it is a simple item that can be worn with every look.

All 10 colors of the brand OTee by OASIS can be easily matched with other colors to match with anything.

But if wearing the same shirt every day may cause us to lack color a bit. Match a T-shirt to get a stylish and unique look. It will make it more fun, whether it's shorts or cool jeans. It will make the style of dressing more fun. Or even women can match and wear it as their own style.

- To extend the period of use of the product. should be washed by hand and dried naturally.

- before shipping The brand has inspected every product. so that customers receive the best quality products

Shirt size: chest x length x shoulder width x sleeve length (inches) Basic

S : 38 X 26 X 16 X 9.25

M : 40 X 27 X 17 X 9.5

L : 42 X 28 X 18 X 9.75

XL : 44 X 29 X 19 X 10

XXL : 46 X 30 X 20 X 10.25

** Note ** Photos from real products. The color of the product may be 1-2 steps darker or lighter from the real thing caused by the light of each computer screen or mobile phone. The specified product size +/- no more than 1-2 inches. and measure the actual size for accuracy before ordering**

*** Products when shipped. It will reach you within 1-3 business days after the delivery date. (in the case of Bangkok/perimeter) The product will reach the customer 3-7 working days from the date of delivery. (and depending on the area where the customer lives)***

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