Cargo pants Polyester cotton fabric, model MCHF-4302

รหัสสินค้า : MCHF4302



฿ 1,190.00

฿ 1,490.00




Cargo pants from the brand OASIS, simple solid color. Made from cotton mixed with polyester. It is smooth and flexible. Good quality and comfortable to wear in a small cylinder pattern. Pair it with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers to easily complete a handsome, eye-catching, unique look.

- Normal shape

- Made from 67% cotton, 33% polyester.

- Normal high waistband

- Button closure and front zipper.

- 4 pocket design

- 6 belt loops

- No lining.

**Note** Photos are from the actual product. The color of the product may be 1-2 steps darker or lighter from the real thing due to the light of each computer screen or mobile phone. The specified product size +/- does not exceed 1-2 inches. To be sure of the product, you can notify the store to request that the actual color photo be taken. and measure the actual size for accuracy before ordering**

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